St. Patrick’s litter. 17.03.16

For St. Patrick Day, March,17 2016 the pups from our Champions, European Prize Winners 2014 were born.

Father: Sean – Contario Ode Inspiration

Mother: Ria – Garden Star’s Irish Whitney .

Father: Contario Ode Inspiration (Sean)

date of birth 22.05.2009

Interchampion (C.I.E.), European Prize Winner 2014 and 2017, Super Grand Champion of Ukraine (SGr.CH UA), UKU Club Winner, Champion of Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Cyprus, Macedonia, Montenegro and Belarus. Grand Champion of Bulgaria.

Crufts qualification.

2 х BBB, FHDU Champion, BISS- II, 4 х BIG-I, 3 х BIG II, 4 х BIG III, 1 x BIG IV, 18 x BOB, 14 х CACIB, 24 х CAC

Junior Champion of Ukraine (JCH UA),3 x J.CAC, 2 x Best Breed Junior

FT qualification 2D III degree.

Health tests: HD-AA, ED-00. CLAD, PRA rcd-1 и rcd-4  free (ANT).

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Мother: Garden Star’s Irish Whitney (Ria)

date of birth 16.10.12

Vice European Champion 2017, European Class Winner 2014, Interchampion (C.I.E.), BBB, Super Grand Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Moldova, Bulgaria, UKU Club Champion, 8 х Best Breed Bitch, Junior Champion of Ukraine, Best Junior, Best Puppy, 2 х Best Puppy Bitch, 15xCAC, R.CACIB, 12xCACIB, 9xBOB, 2xBIG2, 2xBIG1, BIS4.

FT qualification – D III degree (partridge).

Health tests: HD-AA, ED-00. CLAD, PRA rcd-1 и rcd-4  hereditarily free.

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Ria’s Show results

Green collar boy

Fiery Grace Sir Guinness

Almaty Kazakhstan

Green boy 6.5 weeks

Green boy 6.5 weeks

Light Blue collar boy

Fiery Grace Seamus’ Ale


Light blue boy 6.5 weeks

Light blue boy 6.5 weeks

Purple collar boy

Fiery Grace Shamrock of Luck


Purple boy 6.5 weeks

Purple boy 6.5 weeks

Yellow collar girl

Fiery Grace Sing Erin Go Bragh

Ukraine stay in kennel

Yellow girl 6.5 weeks

Yellow girl 6.5 weeks

Orange collar girl

Fiery Grace Soul of Ireland

Ukraine co-ownership

Orange girl 6,5 weeks

Orange girl 6,5 weeks

Red collar girl

Fiery Grace Star of Erin

Ukraine, co-ownership

Red girl 6,5 weeks

Red girl 6,5 weeks

Pink collar girl

Fiery Grace Sparkle of Love

Czech Republic

Pink girl 6,5 weeks

Pink girl 6,5 weeks

Рuppies’ pedigree

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CIE Mult.CH Contario Ode Inspiration Club Champion, Russian Champion, RKF Champion, Bulgarian Ch, Young Russian Ch, 2xBIG-II, 2xBIG-III, 3xCACIB, R.CACIB FT qualified (2D-II)  Honeygardens Jet Setter Dioskury HD-A WW-08, VWW-10 KBHV Multi- BOB Progeny Group Multi- BIS, BISS Top setter in Sweden ’06  Asoftwind Of The Golden Vale HD-A Vdh Ch Goldings Jeroboam HD-А Х Temptress of the Golden Vale HD-B Janter Jadadiah X Goldings Geidi and Vdh CH Titiandale Charade HD-A X VDH Ch Eur.Sg92 xzBelg.W92-94  Otavite of the Golden Vale HD-C
 Honeygardens Greta Garbo HD-A Dubliner Fisherman’s Friend Honeygardens Destiny Gaerlic Boogie Woogie at Dubliner HD-UA X JWW-98, NordW-03 Dark Auburn’s En Kiwi I Dublin andLP 1 Dubliner Against All Odds HDUA  LP1 Honeygardens Amicable-Annie
 Interchampion Club Champion Russian, Belarus Ch, RKF ChYoung Rus ChBest in Show 2, 35xBIG, 3xBIG-III, R.BIG7xCACIB, 16xCACFT qualified(2D-III, 1D-II)  Dioskury Driada  HD-A 2xBest in Show Sweden 2хCertificat Quality Finland  Bright Soul’s Double Trouble  HD-UA CLAD clear  CACIB, 2xBest in Show, BOB Progeny Group Thendara Derek X Top Setter 2000, 3xBest in Show Bright Soul’s Believe in Me    GB SH CH, Crufts BOB 1996 Thendara Okay Yaa Res.CC Bardonhill Bikini and  Cordonis Ritell X Arabesque
Rus, Bel Sh Ch, Best in Show 3, 45xCACIB, 9xCAC FT qualified  Cantera Linda Dioskury  HD- B CLAD clear PRA clear GB SH CH,Crufts BOB 2002Best in Show 2003, 20012xBest in Show 2002 Shenanagin Some Might Say it’s Bardonhill X Cantera Waltz GB SH CH, Crufts BOB 2000 Thendara Kennedy X GB SH CH Fetteresk Take That To Shenanagin and Gimaroch Power of Love X Kegil Dancing Refrain at Cantera
CIE CH Garden Star’s Irish Whitney    Copper’s Scones ‘N’ Jam HJCH, Baby Res. BIS Dubliner Mac Mio  SH CH Jonola Dr. DoolittleDt.Ch.(VDH), DCH, GB SHCH X  Honeygardens Imitation CH JW Lochfrae Ralph Lauren X JW Jonola Bellestar and WW08, VWW10 Asoftwind Of The Golden Vale X Honeygardens Face The Destiny
 JWW08, Cruft’s Best Bitch 2012
SH CH Caskeys Concept At Aoibheanne JW  X JSH CH JW WW08 FJV03 Balintyne Coppers Home N Dry  Caskeys Persuader From Amberlight  X Dunnygask Ginger Spice At Caskeys   and Caskeys Vaguely Scottish X Classic Red Aniara 
CH Garden Star’s Only YouHCH, Junior Club winner  GB SHCH  Sumaric Shadow of Mr. Jingles Crufts BOB’10, GBSHCH, C.I.E., Dt.CH, Nl.Club Winner’08, Hungurian Club Winner’08, Belgian Club Winner’09, Dutch Champion, Windsor Gundog Group Winner ’09, D’RCC Crufts 2013, Best In Match at ISAC CC Winner Match 2011 SH CH Thendara Don Corleone Crufts CC ’05, Crufts Winner ’06 ’07  X   Jonola Some Like It Hot At Sumaric Scarletti Smooth Criminal  X Greer Page Of Thendara  and Jonola Jack Daniels X Jonola Hotter Than Ever 
 CH Garden Star’s Ferrero Rocher HJCH, HCH, European winner   CH Garden Star’s Billion Dollar HJCH, HCH, HGCH, HSCHCH  X Garden Star’s Amberlight HCH, HGCH, HSCH, HVCH, Veteran World and European Winner  CH Vicary’s US Dollar CH Berboss Highlight HJCH, HCH  and CH Bardonhill Storm Front X CH Berboss Highlight HJCH, HCH